You could say it’s straight from the horse’s mouth. Animal narrators aren’t just for children. You’ll find plenty of stories told by the creatures with whom we share the planet. Though a perhaps-risky endeavor, writing from the perspective of a non-human animal can provide a unique and poignant point of view. The trials of the world may seem far less important from an ant’s eye view while a dog feels, acutely, the pain of his person. Take a gander at these options if you’re an animal-lover who craves a different take on the human condition.

Please note that I have not personally read all of the titles myself. You’ll find the list in alphabetical order by author with links to purchase items in the titles. The narrating animal is indicated in parentheses following the title and author. Goodreads links are provided as well for further information. I encourage you to recommend additional materials or ask questions in the comments.Picture1