This ePortfolio was completed by Abby Hargreaves in compliance with the requirements set forth by San José State University’s iSchool in pursuit of a Master’s degree in the study of Library and Information Science. The material herein was collected over the course of my two years of study with the program. The ePortfolio consists of this introduction, a table of contents, essays on the fourteen competencies (A-N) as designed by the iSchool, evidence supporting the mastery of those competencies, references, and a conclusion.

I began compiling this ePortfolio first by cross-referencing courses and the competencies which they supported. Having done this, I then listed the evidence materials I had available in each course with check boxes next to them to enable the indication of the use of a given piece of material within the ePortfolio and the indication of which competency it worked to support. As I worked through each competency’s page, I marked each assignment appropriately to avoid overlapping material and ensuring materials for future competencies would provide sufficient evidence.

While I originally began working through competencies with descriptions of their meanings and the development of the implications and applications of these competencies sequentially, I soon discovered doing so was not an efficient way for me to complete the ePortfolio. I then moved into a pattern of selecting the competency that I knew would come most naturally to me before moving on to the next easiest and so on. I finished with competency K, which I had no material for at the beginning of the Spring 2016 semester, but worked to supply evidence for through my final spring semester course.

The following ePortfolio is navigable through the ePortfolio menu at the top of the page or through the table of contents under the ePortfolio’s own page. Questions or comments can be directed to Abby Hargreaves at